Getting Out the Vote

As Americans, we love the freedom to choose. And it’s not just about who our government representatives will be. Every day we make hundreds of decisions – the clothes we wear, the coffee we drink, our route to work, the time we take a break and when we go to bed just to name a few.

Another core attribute of the American spirit is a drive to make things better. We like ideas that demonstrate ways to add jobs and grow our economy, improve our neighborhoods and schools and increase efficiencies while reducing waste. The same is true in our personal lives. We want cars that last longer and drive farther. We want vacuum cleaners that remove dirt quicker and movies that entertain and take us away to a different place for just a few hours.

The food we choose is one of our most important decisions. Is it made fresh? Does it taste great? Will my family enjoy it? Is it a great value?

Our pledge to you is YES to all these questions.

Our campaign platform is based on pizza created with dough made fresh every day in our stores, covered with a sauce created by our founder in 1978 and topped with a special blend of three fresh cheeses.

Thank you for supporting our cause of making great pizzas for the people.